This all started as a simple idea. What would it look like if Christ followers were marked with an emblem that served as a continuous reminder of the greatest act of sacrificial love the world has ever seen?

With that in mind, we set out to create products that are visual reminders of the love Jesus displayed for us. By this we hope to inspire a collaboration of addicted believers to live for the love for which He died. Not just the feel-good phrase that we casually throw around on a day-to-day basis, but a zealous and radical love that has the power to change the lives of others…and even our own.

Every product we sell is distinctively crafted to symbolize the love story that Christ put on display for us. But unlike most religious products, they will not act as blatant evangelical proxies for the wearer. They are designed to trigger curiosity in those who see them, which (in turn) requires the story and underlying message to be told by the one being marked.

You may be surprised at the emotional response you will experience by wearing these modern love symbols, as well as the many opportunities you will have to tell others the greatest love story of all time. So bear these mend marks with conviction and honor. After all, you are representing an allegiance to Christ that will constantly be on display.

Our words are loud. Our actions are louder…but may our love be the loudest.