Spring Collection - Announcing New Shirts

We're announcing new shirts...just in time for Spring. 

Infinite Love

This design combines a modified "infinity" image with a traditional heart icon. The message behind the mark is that the love of Christ is perfect and infinite.


This is a new version of an old shirt. We simplified the design a little by removing the shoulder print and allowing the interpretation and accompanying story that goes along with the shirt to have more of a broader meaning.

Marked By Love

Old design, new colors. We are all marked by His love and that love has so many stories. This shirt gives the opportunity to tell your own version of that story. 


This is one of our favorite designs. Not only does it play off the fact that Christ was a rebel and really redefined what love looked like to his generation and all the generations that have followed, but it also emphasizes that sometimes love causes us to go against the grain and be rebellious at times. 

New Website

It's no secret, we've needed a new website for a while now. Especially since 99.99% of people visit websites on their phones. (a statistic we made up for this post) 

So, It's my pleasure to announce that the new mendmark.com is officially live and open for business. It's leaner and meaner than ever before. We really felt strongly about simplifying the brand and our message. Often times, it's easy to over-communicate that. Our goal with the new design was to get back to the basis of our message - using simplistic design to creatively communicate the message of love. We hope to have done that. 

Click around and let us know what you think.

You'll notice several new things. One of those is this blog. Keep checking back here for updates and inside information on the brand and things we're doing.